BoomeRangers Book Two: The TARANAKI Oracle

Narkindie has been overwhelmed by the Lizard Clans and Fril and the evil Toxiks are in control. The Rangers have been captured, the Elders have disappeared and it seems only Jakko and Billy-Jo Blake still remain free. Somewhere.

Boomer and the Rangers must escape from their prison and liberate the Tribes but there are still so many unanswered questions they’re desperate to resolve. What’s happened to the Elders? Just how much did they know? And for Boomer most importantly, has the Kirra really deserted them?

When Kaar reveals the incredible story of how the Fellers’ world was destroyed, they realise they’ve badly misjudged the OutBackers. Will Cockatoo Clan now help them in bringing Fril to justice? That won’t be easy, for Fril has discovered their secret and now she too can pass through time and enter the Fellers’ ruined world. A world she plans to dominate.

BoomeRangers Book Two: The TARANAKI Oracle

ISBN 9781981343973 – 160 page Softcover
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