BoomeRangers Book Five: BLACK MIST

Book 5 Black MistThe Rangers have split up, and those who left to return to Narkindie are instantly in deep trouble. Boomer and the others have returned to Max Bungarra’s underground bunker, deep in the Australian Outback, where Professor Peter Lasseter is keen to conclude his deal with the giant termites, collect his reward of gold dust and get back home.

Can they trust him? Will he still try to decode the third computer file and hand it over to the Termite Queen Goora as she demands, or will he sell it to the Military Government in exchange for the medicine his terminally sick grand-daughter so desperately needs?

Some agree to go back to the giant computer KARL and make yet another attempt to prevent the explosion, for it appears that Marti may have the answer, a cryptic code buried deep in her subconscious.

As Boomer struggles to resolve all this he and former enemy Fril head in a new direction, and in an effort to find a way to get inside The Gap, they discover unbelievable connections they never dreamed of.
Or did they?

BoomeRangers Book Five: BLACK MIST

ISBN 9781507852620 – 160 page Softcover
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