BoomeRangers Book Four: LASSETER and the Night Parrot

Book 4 LasseterUnder increased attack by the giant termites it seems KARL has no intention of letting the Rangers leave. The self-styled ‘world’s greatest computer’ they came to help wastes no time in showing them that the elevators, lights, the very air they breathe can be shut off in an instant if it chooses to do so.

At first Max Bungarra didn’t believe KARL had survived, but now realises that something ‘up top’ has changed, and when he finds his crew have all vanished and teams of specialist Fellers have moved in, he’s prepared to do battle.

That’s if the Rangers will stick around and help, but can they really trust these unknown Fellers? In their enthusiasm some say too much then learn that those interviewing them have a quite different agenda – a mixture of greed, scientific interest and desperate fear of the latest Australian Military Government.
So what does disgraced Professor Lasseter have to do with this? And how did a supposedly extinct little parrot called Spartacus ever get so deeply involved?

BoomeRangers Book Four: LASSETER and the Night Parrot

ISBN 9781494490898 – 160 page Softcover
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