Andrew Page-RoberstonG’day! welcome to the world of the BoomeRangers, a mob of fascinating characters that couldn’t have come from anywhere else but the rugged Australian Outback!

These stories are fiction, but have strong elements of fact, for in the 1950’s the British conducted atomic tests in South Australia and for years the true story of just what was tested out there and the effect it had has never been fully disclosed.

After decades of pressure to remove the toxic debris it was half-heartedly shifted, to be more precise left where it was but bulldozed into supposedly leak leak-proof pits. The attitude still seems to be that it’s all so far away, so why bother worrying about it?

Until recently, the no-go zone in Maralinga area was vast, bigger in size than many European countries, and entry is still restricted, for the effects of radiation are still showing up.

That got me thinking about just how the then inhabitants, human and animal and their descendants today, might still be physically affected.

I hope the stories will encourage readers to learn more about what actually happened out there, and maybe find the’truth’ that young Boomer and his friends are still seeking so earnestly, for the effects of pollution, fracking, the destruction of water tables, deforestation and global climate change make headlines now.

Discover the wonderful characters and join in the outback adventures of the BoomeRangers

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Book 1 Dead Centre

Dead Centre

book 5

Black Mist

Book 2

The Taranaki Oracle

Book 6

Nurrungar Songlines

Maralinga Countdown

Maralinga Countdown

Verse Play

A Verse Play

Book 4

Lasseter & the Night Parrot


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