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Welcome to Moondah Beach Studio, where most of my artwork is created.

Predominately abstract-expressionist, the paintings are often unplanned but then take on a life of their own, frequently with a link to the story lines and characters in the BoomeRangers books.

Sometimes this visual representation of the writing emerges quickly, at other times its slow, but it's always there somewhere, and eventually it's revealed.

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Andew Page-Robertson

Occasionally the way an image evolves inspires a new plot twist, so the painting actually drives the writing, for example 'Kaar at the Gap'. In Book One, Kaar is a somewhat ambiguous character, seen by the Rangers as a threat, but by Book Two a different side to his personality is revealed, and his dramatic version of past events leads to the discovery of an even greater danger to them all. But I had better not give away the plot so soon!

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