BoomeRangers Book One: Dead Centre

BoomeRangers Book One:
Dead Centre

The Rangers are restless, school's finished for the summer and Boomer is once again pushing to try for the Quest. Maybe this time the Elders will agree, and the gang can escape from the confines of Narkindie, their complex of Outback caves and underground burrows.

The atomic tests of a century before have taken their toll, exposure to sunlight is forbidden and life is tough, but rock wallaby Boomer and his best mates Jakko, a wisecracking kookaburra, and Billy-Jo Blake an enormous carpet python, are always up for an adventure.

Before a month has passed they'll be catapulted into the past and the future, they'll battle old classmates, discover the incredible machines of the Fellers, and be led through time by the Kirra, a high-tech boomerang with an attitude!

BoomeRangers Book One: Dead Centre
ISBN 9781412025539
160 page Softcover
RRP US$16.95 + postage

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