Book One: Dead Centre

Book One: Dead Centre
Andrew Page-Robertson

G'day... and welcome to the world of the BoomeRangers, a mob of characters that couldn't have come from anywhere other than the rugged Australian Outback!

These books are fiction, but they contain an element of fact. There was a series of atomic tests in the 1950's and for years the true nature of just what was tested there was not disclosed to the government, or the people. After decades of pressure to clean it up, the toxic debris was half-heartedly removed, or to be more precise, buried in supposedly leak-proof pits. The attitude seems to be that it's all so far away, why bother worrying about it.

The no-go zone in the Maralinga area is vast, bigger than some European countries, and entry is still forbidden. Barbed wire fences greet those who once lived there.

The insidious effects of those military experiments are still showing up despite efforts to hide it all away, and that got me wondering how it could have affected the original inhabitants, both animal and human and their descendants.

I hope the stories will encourage readers to learn more, maybe find the 'truth' that young Boomer seeks so earnestly, for the effects of toxic dumps, deforestation and climate change are news headlines now. The 'Contact' page gives links to various related sites which may be of interest, and I welcome feedback.

Book Two: The Taranaki Oracle

Book Three: Maralinga Countdown
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